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We've spent 25 years perfecting instructional design, crafting it to fit how students learn best. In other words, we make learning easy. 

Homework Grader has the most realistic IRS forms of any automated grading solution available today (we know, we checked).

It's accurate, easy, effective. 

The Most Realistic IRS Forms

eLab, our digital learning platform, brings assessment, training, and automated grading together in one easy-to-use tool. And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the instant course set up, LMS integration and responsive support included with the platform.

Payroll Accounting 6th Edition

$105 Net          $136.50 Online

Upgraded Courseware,

Upgraded Life

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The student mantra today is don't tell me, show me.  Or maybe it's don't make me read.  In either case, our interactive videos, web simulations, and VitalSource eBooks quench students' considerable thirst for multimedia content.

We certainly don't want to be blamed for creating bored instructors, but hey, we do tend to make teaching easy. You need lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, test banks, and a syllabus? We've got all of that and more waiting for you.

"With the Labyrinth payroll solution, things are much easier for me because I’m not spending as much time compensating for the material. I now have to put in less effort to get the students where they need to be"

-Rosemary Hall, Bellevue College

"When I switched over to the Labyrinth book, I immediately experienced an ease for the students in doing the homework. I was able to assign more homework and students didn’t have any problems going through it with eLab"

-Rick Street, Spokane Community College

"The Labyrinth payroll homework assignments correlate to what you’re teaching within the chapter; students can see the problem being done and emulate it. That has helped tremendously in reducing the questions students have because they can actually follow what the textbook is saying"

-Roshelle Overton, Central New Mexico CC

Your Peers Can't All be Wrong

Everything students need for one low price. Every purchase includes lifetime access to the VitalSource ebook, the complete eLab assessment platform, and a 140-day Quickbooks trial. 

...and a Return Policy You Can Actually Support

We offer an industry-leading one-year return policy for institutional buyers.

One. Full. Year. 

Perfect Prep for 21st Century Careers

Our Payroll solution makes use of Intuit QuickBooks Desktop 2018, training students on real accounting software instead of the simulated programs used by other solutions.

Practical, hands-on, 21st century learning.

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At Labyrinth, we've always been in it for the students. We know that we can do more than just provide great courseware, and we also know that making a difference goes beyond what we can accomplish in the classroom. That's why we donate a portion of every sale to funding education for disadvantaged students. 

140-Day Trial Included

“Labyrinth is one of the most responsive publishers out there. I trust them. I feel like I’m a part of their team when I teach; I know who to contact, my students know who to contact. And if I have any suggestions for the next edition, I know they will be integrated.” 

Next-Level Responsiveness

Hear more from Rick Street, Accounting Faculty at Spokane Community College.

Payroll Accounting, 6th Edition 

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    Printed Textbook w/eBook & eLab & trial software

    eBook & eLab & trial software

48+ Course Hours

$ 105

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The easy-to-use, practical payroll solution that:

  • uses QuickBooks and includes a free QuickBooks trial
  • has the most realistic, up-to-date IRS forms
  • includes Homework Grader instant automated project grading

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